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Pamela T Hardiman: Liturgical Fiber Art

Greetings!  I am a liturgical fiber artist dedicated to enhancing the liturgical life of the church through color and movement.  In my work, I utilize a wide variety of fabrics from many cultures, expressive of the universal church, as well as my own hand-painted fabrics.  I specialize in banners of all kinds, including processional, stationary, wall-hung, and mobiles.  Altar and ambo paraments, stoles, and vestments can be made to coordinate.  You will even find examples of hand-made funeral palls in the Gallery.

Because I include a variety of shades of a single color in the work I do, you will find that my banners and paraments complement many shades of vestments that might be in your collection.  For example, a green banner will most likely contain olive, kelly, hunter, and evergreen, and work well with a vestment in any hue of green.  The same goes for any other color you might choose.

On this website, you can find seveal Series of designs, with ideas for their use, as well as specific sizes and prices listed.  Since the size of most pieces can be made to your specification, this gives you an idea of relative costs.  Browse the Gallery for other ideas and email me or call to discuss your needs and request a price.  See my New Work Blog for new pieces, as well as thoughts on using liturgical fiber art.  Sign up for my email newsletter to get the latest posts.

Please inquire well ahead of time you need something, if at all possible.  I can often squeeze my schedule , but allowing six weeks to several months is better.

(Her) rich use of colors and their arrangements transport the mind to another realm.

Rev JW Mickewicz, Pastor

The details remind me of reading an icon... there are so many little details in the fabrics chosen one could stand and look for hours and always see something new.

Barbara Guenther, Pastoral Associate

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Celebrating life and liturgy through fabric and color!

Click here to listen to hear the National Pastoral Musician's Amanda Bruce interview me on using fiber art to define and enhance outdoor and indoor liturgical spaces.